Disaster Ready Austin is a collaborative initiative to educate and empower residents to be prepared for emergencies and disaster. The Disaster Ready Austin vision is a unified and consistent “whole community” approach to disaster preparedness education in the City of Austin.
The City of Austin is proud to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you require assistance for participation in our programs or use of our facilities, please call 512-974-4000. Additionally, If you would like information in another language, please call 512-974-0450. 

Additional materials are available for you to download and share in the Materials section of this website.

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Knowing what to do before, during and after a disaster is a critical part of being prepared and may make all the difference when seconds count.
Request a basic preparedness presentation: Nelson Andrade, HSEM, 512-974-0471.
Download a copy of the presentation to share with your group.
Baja una copia de la presentación (en español) para compartir con su grupo.

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Almost 50% of small businesses never recover from a disaster. Emergency planning can be your lifeline to staying in business. Visit the Get Back in Business webpage from the City of Austin Small Business Program for more information. For questions contact: Veronica Samo, EDD, 512-974-7800.

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First Aid can help you manage a medical emergency until more help is available. Always call 911.
For more information on First Aid and CPR training contact: Lisa Sepulveda, A/TCEMS, 512-974-1092.
Download a copy of the presentation to share with your group.
Click here for information on American Red Cross first aid and CPR certification.

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Flash flooding is the number one natural disaster threat to the Austin area, nicknamed “Flash Flood Alley.” Turn around, don’t drown!
Request a presentation on flash flood preparedness: Matt Porcher, 512-974-2844.
Download a copy of the presentation to share with your group.

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More than 80 percent of wildfires occur within two miles of a community and almost half of the Austin population resides in areas at risk.
Request a presentation on wildfire preparedness: Justice Jones, 512-974-0199.

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Austin's weather can be erratic and severe weather can result in widespread disruptions of transportation, utilities and other vital services.
Request a basic severe weather presentation: Nelson Andrade, 512-974-0471.
Request a comprehensive presentation: National Weather Service, 830-629-0130 x223.

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Flus are unpredictable but recurring events. Education and preparedness are critical in helping to mitigate the impact of flu and other pandemics.
Request a pandemic flu preparedness presentation: Nelson Andrade, 512-974-0471.
Download a copy of the presentation to share with your group.

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The release of a hazardous material or a pipeline accident could cause significant problems to human health, the environment or property.
Request a HAZMAT preparedness presentation: Nelson Andrade, 512-974-0471.