Per the COVID-19 Mayoral declaration, the Oakwood Cemetery Chapel is closed to the public effective Monday, March 16th. Please check the closure page for update.

The Oakwood Chapel is proud to continue to expand our free digital programming which can be found on our Resources page.

Though the Chapel remains closed at this time, we welcome your visit to the historic Oakwood Cemetery.

If you have questions, please contact us at or leave a message at (512) 974-2310.


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Through historical tours, exhibits, events and memorial services, the Oakwood Cemetery Chapel provides a place to connect, heal and reflect, that is open to all.

The people who made Austin are at Oakwood Cemetery. We are united here in search of love, life and meaning.

The Chapel is a visitor center where we can, as an act of remembrance, learn about our cultural heritage through the people who were buried in the surrounding cemetery. Genealogy reveals our forebears' influence on the past and future. We share and collect individual narratives to create a framework for the collective human story.

The Oakwood Cemetery Chapel is a starting point for learning about culture and history through limited programming chosen through respectful and responsive community input.  The Chapel accommodates events, prioritizing memorial services, in a space where everyone is valued. Recognizing Austin’s history of inequities, we seek to include stories of all Austin communities, reconciling our past with our present.

The Chapel is a historic Gothic Revival building originally used for community memorial services at Austin’s original burial ground. Austin and Texas’ relevant and diverse histories are represented here, together.

The permanent residents of Oakwood Cemetery represent the distinct character of Austin as our original leaders, influencers, and creators. Their lives are retold in colorful stories, documented through political and social change and memorialized in sculpture, architecture, and design.


Oakwood Cemetery