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Through diligent research and transcription from historical records, volunteers of Save Austin’s Cemeteries and the Austin Genealogical Society created a database of information about Oakwood residents.

This information is used to create digital maps of Oakwood Cemetery that include audio, photo, video, historical links, namesake maps, and nativity maps. We expect this scholarship will continue for a very long time with the help of staff and volunteers.

Story Maps - Geolocated History

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All Together Here

All Together Here is an exhibit to interpret the archaeology project at the Oakwood Cemetery Chapel. During the rehabilitation of the Chapel in 2016, there was a painful discovery: the Chapel had been constructed over preexisting burials.

All Together Here: digital exhibition

All Together Here: symposium website

All Together Here: symposium session videos published on the Parks and Recreation Department YouTube Channel



To Vote

To Vote recognizes Austin's suffragists in 2020 during the 100th Anniversary, the 55th, and 45th Anniversary of all women gaining the right to vote in America. Many people who worked hard for that right are buried in Austin’s municipal cemeteries.

To Vote: digital exhibition



Texas Independence Tour

Save Austin's Cemeteries gravesite tour of people who contributed to the fight for the independence for Texas from Mexico in 1835-1836. The Republic of Texas was an independent country from 1836 - 1845, before it became part of the United States.

Texas Independence, digital tour

Save Austin's Cemeteries



To Hear

To Hear appreciates Austin’s musicians, including the Besserer Orchestra, the Gant Family, Ernest "Ernie" Mae Crafton Miller and Gene Ramey. They played in music halls such as Scholz Garten, Pressler Beer Garden, and the New Orleans Club. John and Alan Lomax were known for traveling the world to record folk music as musicologists.

To Hear: digital exhibit 

Additional To Hear links:

Gant Family Songs from the Library of Congress (Box link to files)

Ghost Notes: Michael Corcoran's new book, signed by the author and the illustrator Tim Kerr, is now available to order for direct shipping.

Ghost Notes: Michael Corcoran Spotify Playlist (a few songs have explicit content, so if you don't want to hear those songs on the playlist, change your settings in Spotify

Oakwood Chapel's 4 question survey on music and grief


This exhibition remembers Tejanos and Mexican Americans buried in Oakwood Cemetery, and honors their legacy in Austin, inspired by Danny Camacho's research.

Caminar, digital exhibit

Spectrum News article on Caminar

To Write: Barton Creek by Ed Crowell

For an author talk by Ed Crowell on the book Barton Creek, this digital story map shows burials in Oakwood of individuals mentioned in the book whose lives affected Barton Creek.

To Write: Barton Creek, digital exhibit

Austin American-Statesman article about the book

To Write: Cedar Choppers by Ken Roberts

For an author talk by Ken Roberts on the book The Cedar Choppers, this story shows burials in Oakwood of a community whose culture depended on chopping cedar along creeks in West Austin.

To Write: The Cedar Choppers, digital exhibit

The Cedar Choppers website: photos, interviews and songs

Murder, Mayhem and Misadventure - Save Austin's Cemeteries Annual Fall Tour

Save Austin's Cemeteries annual graveside tours cover the chilling, untimely deaths of “residents” of Oakwood Cemetery portrayed by graveside actors. Tour route and stories vary each year.

Murder, Mayhem and Misadventure, digital tour - 2020

Murder, Mayhem and Misadventure, digital tour - 2019

Save Austin's Cemeteries

To Believe

Featuring video, photography, digital maps and performances, we explore Black East Austin's historic and contemporary practices of faith and belief, as inspired by Reverend Jacob Fontaine.

To Believe, digital exhibit

To Believe, video exploring faith in East Austin churches by Amaz1n Entertainment, supported by iACT, Heimsath Architecture, Preservation Austin, the Austin Foundation for Architecture, Big Medium and Sightlines Magazine

Esri StoryMaps help us digitally tag graves with the history of the person buried there, including maps that demonstrate the legacy and consequence of people's lives in Austin, and all over the world.

Educational Programs

Oakwood stories create engaging past, present and future learning tools for students of all ages. We work with educators to create learning programs that expand on human knowledge and the possibilities of imagination.

We host group tours for classes and camps, collaborate on content and resources, and help students and Eagle Scouts complete projects. Contact us to reserve a time that works for your group.