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Through diligent research and transcription from historical records, volunteers of Save Austin’s Cemeteries and the Austin Genealogical Society created a database of information about Oakwood residents.

This information will be used to create a GIS (geographical information systems) map of Oakwood Cemetery. We continue to research historical information to gravesites to create digital tours with detailed site information. Stories include audio, photo, video, historical links, namesake maps, and nativity maps to show how many paths in Austin lead to Oakwood Cemetery. We expect this research will continue for a very long time with the help of staff and volunteers.

Story Maps - Geolocated History

Story Map Image

Esri StoryMaps help us digitally tag each gravesite with the history of the person buried there, including maps that demonstrate the effects and consequences of people's lives in Austin and all over the world.

Digital history map for the Spring 2020 Exhibition “To Hear” appreciating music and the places musicians played in Austin

Digital history map for "To Elevate" documenting the legacy of Huston-Tillotson University which includes African American funeral homes and cemeteries maps

Digital history map for the Winter 2019-2020 Exhibition "Caminar" documenting Mexican American and Tejano Heritage at Oakwood Cemetery

Digital history map for the December 2019 book talk for Barton Creek by Ed Crowell, Oakwood burial map, a collaboration with Save Austin's Cemeteries

Digital history map for the October 2019 book talk for The Cedar Choppers by Ken Roberts, Oakwood burial map, a collaboration with Save Austin's Cemeteries

Digital history map for the 2019 Murder, Mayhem & Misadventure Tour at Oakwood Cemetery, a collaboration with Save Austin's Cemeteries

Digital history map for the Fall 2019 Exhibition "To Believe" documenting the life of Reverend Jacob Fontaine


Educational Programs

Oakwood stories create engaging past, present and future learning tools for students of all ages. We work with educators to create learning programs that expand on human knowledge and the possibilities of imagination.

We host group tours for classes and camps, collaborate on content and resources, and help students and Eagle Scouts complete projects. Contact us to reserve a time that works for your group.