Get Involved - Become a Consignor

Consignors must be 50 or older. Arts and crafts are sold in the Emporium. All items must be handmade to be accepted. Volunteer for 8 hours of service is all that is asked. Consignors can help on the sales floor, greet customers and keep the displays neat and tidy. You can also help as a docent in the history center and art gallery, or help with administrative work and advertising. We have receptions and special events where you can help. There are many opportunities to be part of the community and promote Austin to our many visitors.

Email Herb Torres receive additional information.

Art demonstration by Loren


Wooden Boxes

Alton Mutaschink


Beverly Shephard


Brenda Armistead 

Kathleen France Jewelry

Kathleen France

Jane Bose

Jane Bost

Lyra Bernis

Lyra Bernis

Necklace Vicki

Vici MacIntosh

Sharon Boyd

Sharon Boyd

Tina Tzaperas

Tina Tzaperas