24/7 Emegency Services - Call 512-972-1000 to report a water or wastewater emergency

By Phone:

Emergency services are available 24-hours a day 7-days a week.

  • report water quality issues such as taste and odor, high/low water pressure
  • request an emergency water shut-off at your meter
  • report water main leak or break
  • report clogged or overflowing wastewater main
  • report fire hydrant leak

Use the online leak report form and track the progress and status of an emergency repair using the helpful map below. 

Locate your Private Shut-off Valve

A private shut-off valve should turn off the water flow to the house. Most homes have a private shut-off valve:

  • near an outside faucet and close to the house.
  • near the irrigation system valve, typically close to the property line, if there is an inground irrigation system.
  • or buried in the ground for older homes. A quarter-inch piece of iron with a 90-degree angle protrudes from the buried valve and serves as a handle. The iron piece looks like an upside down "L". Turning the handle will stop the water flow to the home. 

Track the Progress of Emergency Repairs