Introduction to the Reimagining Public Safety (RPS) Blog


Welcome to the Reimagining Public Safety (RPS) Blog! We'll be posting here regularly to provide insight on the latest developments in the City of Austin's RPS initiative. The blog is also designed to help you navigate this website and the wealth of information it offers. 

The Reimagining Public Safety (RPS) initiative is a multi-faceted and collaborative effort focused on ensuring our public safety system meets the needs of all those who live and work in Austin. This initiative builds on a number of public safety reforms implemented over the last several years. 

While the blog offers up-to-date news and information about RPS, the website is designed to serve as the initiative’s home plate. It contains a good deal of information about the initiative’s foundation and early history. For example: 

  • The Home page ( provides the basics of RPS at a glance, including a timeline of major actions taken by the City Council and staff. You can also signup for the newsletter here. From the homepage you can navigate to a variety of pages that go into further detail, including monthly reports that chronicle ongoing efforts and accomplishments.
  • The About page discusses how the RPS initiative came into being and outlines the teams working on the effort and their functions. 
  • The Share Input page is where you will find a comprehensive list of meetings and other ways to provide your thoughts and input on how policing should work in Austin. 
  • The Reforms tab will take you to detailed information about five key areas of reform, including the budget and use of force policies just to name two.
  • Browse the site to learn more about RPS. If you have any thoughts on RPS or the website, you can always email us

Above all else we want you to join the conversation and make your voice heard. Resident input is critical to designing a public safety capability that works for all. The next blog will walk you through all the different ways to join the conversation and making your voice heard.