Cactus Cats

If you want to help one of the cats most in need of a home, consider a cactus cat! A cactus cat is like the plant it’s named for: unique, beautiful, low maintenance and perhaps a little prickly. A cactus cat doesn’t need to be fussed over or cuddled endlessly. These cats would prefer to be in the background, rather than the center of attention.

Some of us may see ourselves in cactus cats: Not overly affectionate or outgoing, but as capable and deserving of companionship as any extrovert!

Cactus cats are independent, but can develop a strong bond with one person with time and patience. While often reclusive and timid, they can make a rewarding companion. Because of their shy and reserved nature, cactus cats are often overlooked at the shelter in favor of more exuberant personalities. If you want to make a big difference in one cat’s life, be a hero and provide a safe space for a friend in need, find your cactus cat match!

What can I expect from my Cactus Cat?

  • Hiding- shy/timid
  • Typically bonds strongly with one person, but may accept other humans in the home
  • Hides when guests arrive or there’s a “knock” on the door!
  • Prefers to be close to their person, not likely a “lap cat”
  •  Doesn’t adapt easily to new environments
  • Not likely good with young kids
  •  Prefer a quiet home with few potential “stressors”
  •  May do well indoor/outdoor if safe
  • What you see!

Is my home right for a Cactus Cat?

  • Cactus cats prefer a quiet, low traffic home
  • Cactus cats tend to love other cats, so having a community for them to join is a bonus
  • Cactus cats can become affectionate as trust is built with human, but they’ll need their space to be independent


How will I know which Cactus Cat is right for me?

We’ve divided our Cactus Cats into three categories, based on what we know about their personalities! Read on for more info, or take our quiz here to find your match!

Succulent – These cactus cats are low-maintenance and easygoing. With plenty of treats and slow, steady trust-building, you could find common ground and friendship!

Prickly Pear – The Prickly Pear has its spines, but it also flowers beautifully. This cactus cat is moody but there will be bright moments of companionship and affection!

Saguaro – The Saguaro is independent and free. They don’t need much from you beyond food and shelter. This cactus cat may never be your cuddle buddy, but they still make wonderful companions!

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