We rely on foster families to provide love and care to our most at-risk dogs and cats. Fostering is truly lifesaving! Here is everything you need to start a foster application.

Foster a pet notification. 

Before Fostering

If you are interested in opening your home and providing socialization and love to a shelter animal, fostering might be for you! Fostering helps the pet you foster, and it also opens up a cage or kennel space for us to save another pet! Time commitments range from just a weekend, to a few weeks and possibly even several months, depending on your availability and interests. 

Foster Requirements: 

  • Follow all policies and procedures as outlined in the Foster Care Manual. 
  • Access e-mail regularly and provide transportation to and from AAC.
  • Provide some food and supplies for foster pets.
  • Have up-to-date rabies vaccinations for all animals living in your home.

Foster Care Manual

In the Foster Care Manual, you will learn:  

  • AAC fostering policies and procedures
  • All about foster medical care
  • Required reading for cat and/or dog fosters
  • Helping your foster get adopted, or adopting your foster, and much more!

Read the Foster Care Manual. 

Foster Application

  • Foster applications can take up to a week to process depending on volume - you will receive confirmation once you are approved. 
  • Please check your junk/spam folder! 

Types of Animals Needing Foster

What kind of animals need fosters? 

  • Adult dogs and cats needing a break from the shelter. This can be anywhere from a couple of days to several months, depending on the type of pet and its particular needs.
  • Dogs on the Urgent Placement list.
  • Dogs and cats with special behavioral needs. Some of our animals lack socialization and training, and time spent in a foster home (one week to one month, or longer) working on obedience and basic skills can be lifesaving!
  • Underage kittens.  
  • Neonatal kittens! They need bottle feeding every two to six hours, depending on their age. 
  • Pets featured on the "Who Needs You Most" Trello board.
  • Animals recovering from illness, injury, or surgery. If you don’t have any other pets or have a large, quiet area of your home separate from other pets, we need you most of all for these types of animals! Having a quiet place to rest and recover makes a huge difference.

AAC Hours & Location

AAC Hours

  • Walk-In Adoption & Reclaim: Daily 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Pet Resource Center: Daily 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. for microchips and resources

Shelter address

7201 Levander Loop, Austin, TX 78702

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