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Dog Behavior

Friends of Austin Animal Center has a Behavioral Assistance Program providing complimentary training support on a case-by-case basis for Austin Animal Center fosters, adopters, and anyone in the community needing behavioral support for their dog or cat. Friends of Austin Animal Center can connect you with qualified positive-reinforcement based trainers. 

GoodPup is a training company that offers fear-free, on demand dog training over video chat, so that you can work with your dog from home at your convenience. This includes video-chat training sessions, trainer/medical support through an online chat system, webinars, and more.

Review our AAC Behavior Library below for fear-free training tips on behaviors like escaping, separation anxiety, leash reactivity, and more!

We also recommend San Diego Humane Society’s behavior and training articles and video library for behavioral info. 

Cat Behavior

Cat & Dog Introductions

Litterbox Issues

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