In the Ceramics Program, we believe all skill level classes create a supportive atmosphere where students learn from each other. Advanced students are welcome in any class to work on improving their skills.  Instructors provide self-paced demos throughout class time and will work with students based on their interests in learning wheel, hand building, sculpture or figurative work.  Please note the specialties provided in each description. Instructors also provide proper glazing, decoration techniques and most importantly developing your artistic expression.

Art Adventures is a set of workshops that combine art instruction from a Dougherty Arts School instructor with a presentation from a City of Austin park ranger and can take place in the classroom and scenic spots in Austin Parks. The purpose of this series is to fuse art making with local park and wildlife education. The goal of the Art Adventures Program is to provide an enriching and rewarding experience for each student through continued education. Students ages 15-17 may register with Arts School permission.

Take your creativity to new heights.

The goal of the Digital Photography Program is to provide an enriching and rewarding experience for the digital photography student.

--Learn to use your digital camera to its fullest potential and control your images with ease.
--2 digital labs with 24 computers, Epson 1900 printer and professional strobe lighting kit.
--Editing software we currently run Photoshop Creative Cloud and freeware GIMP.
--Students ages 15-17 may register with Arts School Supervisor permission.

Dougherty Adult Arts photos

The Dougherty Arts School's adult arts program is dedicated to enriching the Austin community with hands-on artistic opportunities. The school hires skilled artists that are committed to sharing their knowledge and exploring new ideas with students. Classes provide the springboard for students wishing to experience creativity and personal growth.

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Dougherty Arts School. Applications are posted online during peak seasons for teaching positions.

Color your world with beautiful fabric!

The goal of the Textile Program is to provide an enriching and rewarding experience for each student working with textiles.

--The studio is equipped with dye, paint and tools to make your ideas a reality.
--Students must be a minimum of 18 years old.
--Textile Open Studio is free and available for students registered in classes that are 4 or more weeks long and is first-come, first-served. Please look at our open studio page for more information on days and times available.