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Image of  Felice House & Dana Younger exhibit

Sum You Some Me, Felice House & Dana Younger.


The mission of the Dougherty Arts Center (DAC) is to support emerging through established artists who create, showcase, and experience the arts first hand.

We envision the DAC as Austin’s cultural living room where people of all ages, races, ethnicities, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, socio-economic statuses, nationalities, and religions gather to create community through the arts. 


​​Formally a Naval and Marine Reserve Center, built in 1947, the building was dedicated to the City and named for the late arts advocate Mary Ireland Graves in 1978.

Since then, the Dougherty Arts Center (DAC) has been offering arts experiences for a broad audience through its three (3) main components:

Image of Trouble Puppet Theater Company performance

Trouble Puppet Theater Company Presents: The Bomb In HayMarket Square.

Planning Your Visit

Located just south of the Colorado River (see map for directions), the Dougherty Arts Center overlooks the iconic Butler Park and ever growing Austin skyline. Admission to the Julia C. Butridge Gallery is always free. After visiting the DAC, enjoy a meal at one of the many nearby popular Austin restaurants, located along Barton Springs Road.

Click here for more FAQs about visiting the DAC. 


Metered parking is available at the Dougherty Arts Center. Guests can pay for parking using the app Park ATX.

During business hours, guests will need to check in at the front desk to receive a parking permit while on premise.

Patrons and guests of the DAC will need to display a parking permit when the parking lot is officially closed to the general public. Patrons and Guests include anyone visiting the gallery, creative spaces, performance or special events, or anyone who is attending a workshop or class.

During special events, the DAC will close its parking lot to the public. (See Parking Lot Closures.)

Parking Lot Closures

The DAC parking lot (facing Barton Springs Road) will be closed to the general public on the following dates and times:

DAC Parking Lot Closures
Closure Date Time
Thursday, 11/16/2023 10am- 10pm
Friday, 11/17/2023 10am- 10pm
Saturday, 11/18/2023 10am- 10pm
Monday, 11/20/2023 10am- 10pm
Tuesday, 11/21/2023 4pm- 10pm
Wednesday, 11/22/2023 4pm- 10pm
Saturday, 11/25/2023 10am- 4pm
Monday, 11/27/2023 4pm- 10pm
Tuesday, 11/28/2023 4pm- 10pm
Wednesday, 11/29/2023 4pm- 10pm
Thursday, 11/30/2023 4pm- 10pm
Saturday, 12/2/2023 10am- 4pm
Tuesday, 12/5/2023 4pm- 10pm
Wednesday, 12/6/2023 4pm- 10pm
Thursday, 12/7/2023 4pm- 10pm
Friday, 12/8/2023 4pm- 10pm
Saturday, 12/9/2023 10am- 4pm
Wednesday, 12/13/2023 3pm- 10pm
Friday, 12/15/2023 10am- 10pm
Saturday, 12/16/2023 10am- 10pm
Monday, 12/18/2023 10am- 10pm
Tuesday, 12/19/2023 10am- 10pm
Wednesday, 12/20/2023 10am- 10pm
Thursday, 12/21/2023 10am- 10pm
Friday, 12/22/2023 10am- 6pm
Saturday, 12/23/2023 10am- 4pm


Image of dancer in "Dance Around The World" Planet Music performance. - Photo Courtesy Miklos Lorant

Planet Music's Dance Around The World. Photo Courtesy of Miklos Lorant.

Support Us

Want to support the Dougherty Arts Center and stay up to date with the latest news on workshops, programs, performances, exhibits, receptions and more? 

Woman looking at artwork and smiling in exhibit by Adrienne Hodge & Katie Ryan

Saude, Adrienne Hodge & Katie Ryan



Guiniviere Webb Culture & Arts Education Manager  512-974-4019

Lucy Miller-Downing Culture & Arts Program Supervisor 512-974-4045

James Byers Theater & Event Coordinator 512-974-4020

Morgen Denton-Jackson Gallery & Outreach Coordinator 512-974-4007

Lori Luce Business Specialist 512-974-4036

Cidnye Stott Visitor Services Specialist  512-974-4026

Daphne Holland Culture & Arts Education Specialist, Adult Programs 512-974-4033

Catherine Chao Culture & Arts Education Specialist, Youth Programs 512-974-4022

Mackenzie Jones Culture & Arts Education Specialist, Youth Programs 512-974-4046

Poran Sufi Culture & Arts Education Specialist, Youth Programs 512-974-4391

Ariel Ximenes Culture & Arts Education Specialist, Youth Programs 512-974-4032

Jefferson Lykins Theater & Events Assistant Producer 512-974-4002

Claire Bryant Marketing Specialist 512-974-4021

Kyle Armstrong Graphic Designer 512-974-4035

Drew Garcia Maintenance 512-974-4010

Louis Arellano Building & Grounds Assistant 512-974-4010