Zilker Metropolitan Park is considered "Austin's most-loved park." This 351-acre metropolitan park is home to a variety of recreation opportunities, facilities and special events for individuals and families.

Park Features Overview

Park Amenities Google Map


Fitness groups/trainers:  The Department has a permit process, fees, and requirements for regularly scheduled activities that enhance the park experience at select sites.  Permits are required for all trainers/activities whether or not per fee classes are charged or not to a consumer.

In additional to the public rentals sites noted, any amplified sound or public event requires permits.  More information can be found on our special events page.

Filming/photo permits for any commercial use/activity in the park.

Parking and Transportation Options Map

  • Plan your trip to the park!  The park system first and foremost suggests public transit and biking options.  All parking is first-come first-served. 
  • Use Cap Metro's Trip Planner feature!
  • During special events, traffic patterns typically change, or pre-credentialing may be required.  Check each event website for details.

Contracted and Permitted Services/Amenities at the Park

Signature Park Events

Resources and Information

Zilker Park History (PDF)

Click on the image to enlarge it or download the map (PDF)

Zilker Metropolitan Park Map

Reporting Issues

In general, all parks are open for public use each day from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. unless otherwise posted. At times, access is limited or affected by events or maintenance issues. To report any park non-emergency issue, call 3-1-1. Visit the 3-1-1 website to submit a maintenance concern online. Call 9-1-1 for all park emergencies.

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