Austin TRAPS Rodeo 2023

Austin Parks and Recreation took part in the 2023 Austin Texas Recreation and Park Society (TRAPS) Rodeo on October 4. It was a fun day of friendly competition and camaraderie. TRAPS is a nonprofit educational and professional organization founded in 1937 to advance the profession of parks, recreation and leisure services in Texas.



Congratulations to those who placed in the Top 5 in each category. These team members will representing Austin at the Central Texas Regional TRAPS Rodeo in San Marcos on November 15. TRAPS Central Region’s maintenance rodeo is an annual tradition in November that highlights the diverse skillset of parks maintenance crew members.

Truck & Trailer Competition:
1st Place Joshua Reyes & David Medellin
2nd Place Rick Vasquez & Robert Aleman
3rd Place Paul Smith & Mike Hernandez
4th Place Jose Martinez & Jose Torres
5th Place Robert Garza & Virgil Saldivar

Zero Turn Mower:
1st Place Timothy Espinoza
2nd Place Miguel Vences
3rd Place Alex Ximenez
4th Place Vincent Lopez
5th Place James Rodriguez

Nail Driving:
1st Place Julian Salazar
2nd Place Teodoro Cruz
3rd Place Jimmy Rios
4th Place Humberto Montes
5th Place Sabastian Rico

Backpack Blower:
1st Place David Medellin
2nd Place Robert Garza
3rd Place Virgil Saldivar
4th Place John Rodriguez
5th Place Jeremy Hernandez

1st Place Sebastian Rico
2nd Place Paul Smith
3rd Place Francisco Martinez
4th Place Gabriel DeLaRosa
5th Place Mike Hernandez

Plant Identification:
1st Place Susan Brasel
2nd Place Ryan Mecredy
3rd Place Doyle Lacey

Irrigation Assembly:
1st Place Jeremy Hernandez & Jordan Herrera
2nd Place Joel Soriano & Dylan Kensey