How to: Ride the Bus

If you’re like a lot of people, you’d like to do the right thing and ride the bus, but fear of ending up in Oklahoma nullifies your good intentions. Well, we are here to remove the fear!

The first thing you’ll need to do is plan your trip.

Go to Capital Metro’s trip planner and enter the address you’re starting from and where you need to go. Capital Metro will determine the bus route that will work best for you.

Every route is detailed online with maps and scheduled departure times for major stops on the route. Hard copies for each route are also available on most buses, at transit centers, in various supermarkets and public libraries.

Another option is to download the CapMetro App – all of the above can be accessed easily on your smart phone.

Once you’ve mapped out which bus you need to take, proceed to the nearest bus stop.

All bus stops are labeled with a unique ID# and the route numbers that serve that bus stop. You'll find instructions at every stop to show you how to use the bus stop ID# and your cell phone to find out when the next several buses are scheduled to arrive. Buses also display route numbers, names and final destinations in lighted signs above the windshield.

If you'd like the bus operator to stop for you, just stand up and give a friendly wave as the bus approaches. Be sure to stay on the curb, though!

Once inside the bus, you’ll need to pay your fare.

Capital Metro accepts exact change or you may use a pass. In most instances, the fare for a single ride is $1.25. For a complete list of fares, please visit: City of Austin employees are eligible for a free Metro pass, so please contact your Department’s HR rep for details. Passes can also be purchased through the CapMetro app.

If paying with cash, just insert your bills and drop coins in the fare box. If using a pass, swipe your pass in the reader by the driver, or show the driver the pass on your phone. Ask for help if you have any questions – otherwise, you’re good to go!

Now you just need to find a seat.

You can sit anywhere you'd like, but keep in mind that the front seats are reserved for seniors and people with disabilities. You can sit there if they’re available, but be courteous – if someone gets on the bus that needs the seat more than you, offer it up. It's also okay to stand in the aisle behind the yellow line, if you prefer…just hang on!

For those that don’t want to end up in Oklahoma, pay close attention to this next sentence.

When your stop approaches, pull the stop cord located across the windows or press the "Stop" button on the aisle poles. Easy. Oh, and don't forget your stuff, like the book or magazine you never have time to read!

Remember, riding the bus saves you the hassle and frustration of sitting in traffic, so bring along that book or magazine. Load up your phone with those podcasts you’ve been dying to listen to, soothing music, or games that you enjoy. Consider it downtime that’s all about you. And at the same time, you’re doing your part to make Austin greener by reducing your carbon footprint, improving air quality, and lessening traffic congestion in our fair city.

What are you waiting for? Get on the bus!