Leave no pile behind — it's your duty!

Spring is here, and people are flocking to the parks for concerts, festivals, or simply for some outside time with their pets. Austin is a dog-friendly town, and many folks bring their furry friends with them when walking the many trails in our wonderful city. While most residents do pick up after their pets, the park rangers would like to remind everyone to finish the job, and please dispose of the waste in a trash receptacle. It adds up! If all the dog poop created in one day in Austin was put in one pile, it would weigh 150,000 pounds!

Imagine if all dog owners in Austin didn’t scoop the poop. With 250,000 dogs in Austin, that adds up to approximately 150,000 pounds of dog waste produced throughout the city every day.

Pet waste is a subject everyone likes to avoid, but it's more than just smelly and unsightly — it's a health risk to pets and people, especially children. When it rains, pet waste left on trails, sidewalks, and grassy areas can wash into the nearest waterway. Even if you can't see signs of water near you, the feces wash into storm drains and then travel to your neighborhood creek or lake untreated.

Pet waste also contains nutrients that will accelerate the growth of nuisance algae in creeks and lakes. So please, Scoop the Poop. It’s the healthy and neighborly thing to do.

Here’s how to help:


  • Bring It! Carry a scooper bag when you walk your dog.
  • Scoop It! Use the baggie like a glove, scoop the poop, invert, and seal the bag.
  • Toss It! It belongs in the trash.
  • Place It! Put a “Scoop the Poop” sign in your yard to encourage your neighbors to scoop it up too.

To request a free sign, visit www.ScoopThePoopAustin.org or call (512) 974-2550.

Scoop the Poop, Austin – for cleaner creeks, cleaner streets, and cleaner feet!

Bring it! Carry a scooper bag when you walk your dog. Scoop it! Use a baggie as a glove, scoop the poop, invert and seal the bag. Toss it! It belongs in the trash.