Thomas Dambo Troll Coming to Pease Park

Thomas Danbo Troll

Installation of a Thomas Dambo Troll will soon be underway in Pease Park! Following an extensive community engagement and review process with the City of Austin, the project is approved and the Thomas Dambo team will arrive in Austin in late February of 2024 to initiate the build. 

Thomas Dambo is a critically acclaimed artist and designer and a self-described “Recycling Art Activist” who creates public art sculptures from recycled and reused materials. He specializes in making sculptures from wasted materials, such as scrap wood, and has installed more than 100 trolls worldwide.

The artwork is fully funded and maintained by Pease Park Conservancy. 

Thomas Dambo Troll FAQs

Pease Park Conservancy

Pease Park Conservancy was formed in 2008 and celebrates the diverse ecology and history that make Austin’s first public park valuable and unique. In partnership with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department, the Conservancy works to restore, enhance, and maintain this 84-acre public green space for the sustainable use and enjoyment of all. 

Unfolding across 84 acres, owned by the City of Austin, Pease Park is a series of connected green spaces running along Lamar Boulevard from West 15th to West 31st Streets, providing residents and visitors alike with an intimate, yet sprawling, natural amenity. Kingsbury Commons within Pease District Park is maintained, operated, and programmed by Pease Park Conservancy.