The Financial Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating crimes in which a financial instrument is used by the criminal element. The Financial Crimes Unit works offenses of credit card abuse, identity theft, counterfeit or forged checks, false statement to obtain credit and counterfeit U.S. Currency cases (in conjunction with the U.S. Secret Service).

The investigation of Forgery cases are detailed in nature, require specialized investigative techniques and take an extraordinary amount of time to complete. The investigation will involve following a paper trail to build the case for prosecution. If the case does not meet the minimum criteria it will be suspended and the evidence maintained by the Section.

If the crime is in progress call 911. If it is an old forgery/credit card abuse, you can make a report by calling 311 (dial 512-974-2000 if calling outside of Austin.) After the report is made your case will be reviewed to determine if there is sufficient information available to proceed with an investigation. The investigator assigned to your case will notify you via phone or U.S. mail if further information is required. Your cooperation is appreciated.

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