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REGISTER FOR Spotlight on Innovative Housing Co-op Models

Explore creative ways real people are using the cooperative model to support community housing needs! Hear from practitioners and experts.

Looking for a Creative Solution to Community Housing?

There's more than one way to create a housing cooperative! Around the world, people of all ages and stages of life are creating their own fair, affordable, welcoming housing with the cooperative model. Many of the Housing Cooperatives in Austin today known as "group equity" where residents interact with the co-op similarly to the way renters interact with a property management company (albeit, a fair, just, cooperatively-owned management company). But there are many other flavors of housing co-op to choose from!

Join local Housing Cooperative expert Ryan Nill and colleagues from across the housing co-op spectrul to explore alternative models including:

Real Estate Investment Co-ops

Limited Equity Co-ops

Market Rate Co-ops

Rental Equity Nonprofits

..... and more!

Join the conversation to inspire new ideas, models, and co-op development here in Austin

The class will include:

• Models of ownership

•Discussion of special challenges for different co-op types

• Keys to co-op affordability


Class attendees will have the opportunity to schedule FREE coaching and consulting with the instructor and other co-op experts.


Este webinar es gratuito y se presentará en inglés con interpretación al español. This webinar is free and will be presented in English with Spanish language interpretation.


The City of Austin is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Reasonable modifications and equal access to communications will be provided upon request - including translation and interpretation services. For assistance, please contact the Economic Development Department at 512-974-7819 or Relay Texas 7-1-1.

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