10 ways to protect our clear, blue skies

Icon: pink smog coming out of tailpipe

Avoid idling

Skip the drive-thru, and turn off your engine while you wait in cell phone lots or pick up the kids.

Icon: green grass and electric mower

Protect your home turf

The grass is always greener when you switch to an electric or reel lawnmower instead of using gas.

Icon: yellow computer and mouse

Work virtually

Eliminate the commute by teleworking. Hold virtual meetings by phone or use videoconference options.

Icon: teal person refueling car at night

Time to refuel

Gas up when things cool down after dark. Be sure to tighten the gas cap securely to reduce evaporation.

Icon: light blue car with people in it with microphone

Share the ride

Taking the bus, carpooling, and ride-sharing means more karaoke and less tailpipe emissions. Find out how to get around town sustainably or find a carpool buddy at Commute Solutions.

Icon: purple electric car

Go electric

Shopping for a new car? The best options in the cleanest order are 1) electric, 2) hybrid, and 3) most fuel efficient. Austin Energy's Plug-In Austin EV Program offers rebates, public charging stations, and an EV Buyer's Guide. (Plus, rebates for e-bikes, scooters, and more!)

Icon: orange footsteps

Get more steps and drive less

Bring your lunch to work, combine errands, and bike or walk if your destination is less than a mile away.

Icon: orange lightbulbs

Conserve energy

Reduce air pollution by operating appliances efficiently, turning lights off, and using less water.


Icon: green tire

Maintain your ride

Replace air filters regularly and keep your tires properly inflated. You’ll improve your car’s gas mileage and reduce emissions.


Icon: wind turbines, solar panel

Harness the power of the wind and sun

Sign up for Austin Energy’s GreenChoice® Program or install rooftop solar. Making the switch protects the air we breathe.


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