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Draft 2 Materials

Preview of the code

PDF copy of the full code
This is a large file (42 MB). Please allow some time for the document to download to your device.

Proposed zoning maps

Draft 2 GIS Zoning Layer (zip file)

Envision Tomorrow Research

Draft 2: Legal Administrative Overview

Watershed Protection Department Analysis of Proposed Impervious Cover Entitlements

CodeNEXT Drainage Summary

Zoning Framework Tables
These tables allow for a comparison of site development standards across multiple zoning districts as proposed in Draft 2 of CodeNEXT.  Note: This is not code content but rather a useful way to visually compare across zones in greater detail than is contained in the Code Draft Preview Document.

Mapping Process
This document summarizes staff’s approach to mapping CodeNEXT and includes a summary of guiding principles, the process to mapping Draft 1, a summary of map changes from Draft 1 to Draft 2, as well as a Zoning Conversion Guide.

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All materials for Draft 1, including track changes versions of the changes made from Draft 1 to Draft 2, can be found here.