Pretreatment Plan Reviews are conducted at the Commercial Plan Review Office (these are done as concurrent reviews). This office has relocated to the Planning and Development Center (PDC), located at 6310 Wilhelmina Delco Drive

Pretreatment Plan review staff are available for questions, Monday to Friday (8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) via appointments or walk-ins. Please call (512) 974-7293 or email to set an appointment with Pretreatment staff.

Additional information on plan submittals can be found on DSD's Commercial Plan Review Division's website. This web-page also includes a chat feature to address any questions you may have about the process promptly.

Approval from our office is required prior to new construction or any plumbing or process change that could affect the quality or quantity of any industrial wastewater discharged to the City's sewer system.

Customers with questions regarding a Site Plan, Building Plan review, grease trap or grease interceptor sizing, or existing pretreatment devices are encouraged to contact the Pretreatment Specialist assigned to the project’s zip code.

For grease traps or interceptors, it’s important to verify if the required device is in place; is in working condition; or is adequately designed for the proposed processes. This verification is especially important for potential restaurant tenants when looking at sites to set up operation because installing, upgrading or repairing a grease trap or grease interceptor can be very expensive. 

The purpose of the plan review process is to ensure compliance from the very start. Those customers that bypass this process run the risk of project delays, expensive retrofits or unanticipated cost overruns.

Overview of Plan Review Programs

Most plans submitted to our office support either an application for a building permit or the site development process. See below for more details on these plan review programs:

Although these plan review programs cover many of the potential plumbing or process changes that would require Pretreatment Program approval, the requirement for such prior approval extends to many scenarios beyond the scope of these programs. As an example, a direct City wastewater customer located in Austin's Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) would be required to obtain Pretreatment Program approval prior to the construction of a restaurant, regardless of whether or not a City of Austin Building Permit was required. Also special requirements may apply to those projects planned in Other Political Subdivisions (see below). Please contact us at 512-972-1060 if you have any questions.

Requirements, Design Criteria & Other Useful Resources

Follow the links below for more information about applicable requirements, design criteria and other useful information: