This program offers a way for residents to contribute to Austin’s zero waste goal by eliminating food waste at home. Through the program, Austinites* can get up to a $75 rebate on either a home composting system and accessories, or a chicken coop for their home.

*City of Austin customers who pay the Clean Community Fee on their utility bills are eligible for the rebate. See the full terms and conditions.

Why compost at home?

Composting is a natural process that breaks down organic materials into an earthy, soil-like substance. Putting compost on your lawn and garden adds nutrients to help plants grow. Home composting is a great way to reduce your trash, grow healthy plants, reduce chemical use, protect groundwater and save money.

Why keep chickens?

By keeping chickens at your residence, and feeding them your food scraps, you can reduce the amount of food waste going to the landfill. The average chicken can eat about seven pounds of food per month. Additionally, by mixing their nutrient-rich droppings with yard trimmings, you can create compost for your garden and lawn. Chickens also help aerate your lawn, eat pests like larva and aphids that may harm your lawn, and lay eggs for consumption.

How do I get a $75 home rebate?

  1. Decide if you’d rather compost at home or keep chickens.
  2. Take a free self-guided home composting or chicken keeping class whenever you like, or attend one of our virtual classes presented by an instructor.
  3. Purchase a home composting system or chicken coop from a retailer or licensed and registered vendor of your choosing.** Keep the receipt.
  4. Submit a completed rebate application.
  5. Receive a $75 rebate check for a home composting system or chicken coop from the City of Austin by mail. (Please allow a minimum of eight weeks for processing.)

    **Note: If you’d rather receive a $75 coupon for a home composting system, prior to purchasing one, submit the application. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for processing and the City will mail you the coupon to purchase a home composting system at a local participating retailer. Participating retailers include Exaco Trading Co., The Great Outdoors and The Natural Gardener.