From a mother's heart

I wanted to say thank you and commend two police officers (Officers Brian Galvan and Joseph Murray) who helped my 16-year-old son out this morning. Unfortunately, I don't know their names, but hope that this will somehow get back to them. My son was driving to his soccer game when his tire blew out and shredded. He's a new driver so he wasn't sure what to do....called us and we jumped in the car to drive from Dripping Springs. In the mean time he was stuck on the off-ramp at W. Cesar Chavez from MOPAC going north with a shredded tire. Before we could get there, two police officers came to offer help. One asked him if he knew how to put the spare on. He didn't - he's only had his license for a few months and just bought his first car. So in the kindest way, the officer offered to show him how to do it. They helped him, and then guided him off the ramp to a safer place. He was so struck by their kindness and the fact that they didn't make fun of the fact that he was young and didn't know what to do. And, he said he learned how to change a flat and next time will know what to do. So from this mama's heart, THANK YOU! It made such a positive impression on him. Really grateful for their help, and getting him off the road and safe. This happened this morning (9/15) around 10:25 at Mopac and W. Cesar Chavez.