Feb 09, 2021 - 11:56 am CST

Hello Austin PD,

I'm reaching out because we had the pleasure of meeting two incredible officers who went above and beyond on Friday next (Feb 5th) and we'd love to thank them!

On Friday night my family and I were driving down Congress on the way to pick up ice cream when our car died at the intersection of Congress & Cesar Chavez. Yep, that's right the car died. In the middle of downtown. In Friday night traffic!

We were in the middle of devising a game plan (i.e. freaking out) when I saw an Austin PD truck pulling up behind us.

Officers Tuminelli (8226) and Vandervalk (8149) not only helped us by directing traffic away from the car, but they even RAN across the intersection to a nearby hotel to talk to the valet and asked if we could get towed from there.

They then proceeded to help PUSH our car with us through the intersection into the hotel parking lot and then even waited to make sure we had a tow truck on the way.

Both Tuminelli and Vandervalk were just so kind, patient and solution-oriented. Shout out to these two for helping us, and being kind humans. We appreciate your help!


C. Family

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