Thanks for your hard work

I really hope this message can be shared with all the hard working officers of our great city. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the amazing job the police officers have been doing the last few days in response to this awful winter weather we're experiencing. I'm a delivery driver for a company whose busiest holiday is Valentine's, so despite the weather we must press on. I have kept my scanner on as I work in hopes of avoiding wrecks/dangerous conditions. What I heard was a team of officers working their tails off responding to accidents, blocking areas too dangerous to drive, and even driving in certain places to check the ice conditions for potential shut downs. It was disappointing to hear the number of times people disregarded barricades put in place to keep them safe, creating more work for a team stretched thin, but it was always handled with grace. Thank you for all you do to keep our streets safe, it's more appreciated than you know! 

A lifelong Austinite