Compliment for Austin Police Officer

Last week my family had the opportunity to be assisted by several officers from the Liberty Hill Police Department, as well as off-duty Austin Police Officer Shawn Lapuszynski. I would like to convey our sincere thanks and appreciation to Officer Lapuszynski. As background, we live in Killeen, Texas, and my elderly aunt took her husband to the Killeen airport at 4:30 in the morning. She has been struggling with bouts of memory trouble, and in the dark and early morning hours, we can only assume she became confused and began what should have been a 10-minute journey back to her home in Killeen, only to end up at a Valero gas station on Highway 29, west of Liberty Hill, over an hour later. A concerned off-duty Austin Police Officer (Shawn Lapuszynski), who happened to be at the Valero station, assessed the situation,contacted the Liberty Hill Police Department, and then waited with my aunt until these officers arrived. She was extremely confused and couldn't even remember the names of her children. We cannot begin to thank him enough for recognizing the seriousness of her condition, and keeping her safe while waiting for Liberty Hill PD, when we are sure he just wanted to go home! I just don't have enough superlatives to offer appropriate thanks. What an exemplary officer he is, and I wish there were something we could do to show our genuine appreciation. I know he doesn't do this for thanks or for attention, but if you would be able to let his superiors know that we believe he should be commended, we would be grateful. We have told anyone who will listen about his kindness. He is certainly a credit to his Department and to the City of Austin. In these uncertain times, we feel it is very important to show support for those in law enforcement, and we are certain they don't get near the credit and thanks they deserve. Please accept this as a small token of our thanks and appreciation.

~ C & K W.