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As we walked around Bailey Middle School to their greenhouses, we were greeted by a lizard running across the sidewalk into the wildflower area beside us. Bailey has been working for years to improve sustainability on campus. 

“This is the fifth or sixth Bright Green Future Grant we have been awarded,” says Mike Berryman, a campus volunteer whose own daughters attended Bailey. Despite them graduating years ago, Mike has continued to champion green projects, from tree plantings to greenhouses to water conservation. “Some people golf. This is what I do,” Mike shared.


A person waves a Pride Progress flag. In the forefront of the photo are tree leaves.

This Pride Month, the City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability is proud to stand with and recognize members of the LGBTQ+ community. We know that our vision of a thriving, equitable, and resilient Austin cannot be achieved without their presence and contributions. 

Did you know that the green stripe in the Pride flag represents a connection with nature? To honor Pride and the ultimate mother, Mother Earth, we’ve pulled together some local event…


Troy Alvarado smiles at the camera while standing in front of a colorful mural. He is wearing a blue shirt with an avocado cartoon that says, "Plant Powered Athlete ATX."

I’m helping to make Austin Net-Zero by eating a plant-based diet and, with the Plant Powered Athlete running group, inspiring others to do the same!

June 5th was Global Running Day and, in celebration, we’re excited to introduce our newest Net-Zero Hero: Troy Alvarado! Troy became a blue belt in jiu-jitsu and a marath…


The Air Quality Awareness Week sits over a picture of fluffy white clouds in a blue sky.

Headshot of Ramon Zarate, Air Quality Program Specialist, CAPCOG.Welcome to Air Quality Awareness Week 2024!  

This week, we spotlight the critical yet sometimes overlooked issue of air quality and its impact on our health and envi…


Gabriel Arellano stands in front of Blunn Creek. He is wearing dark glasses and has shoulder-length black hair in two braids. He is wearing a neutral outfit with a small, colorful, beaded bag worn across his body.

I am helping to make Austin Net-Zero by elevating Sign Languages through STEM* education and sustainability.

Gabriel Arellano is many things: entrepreneur, educator, advocate, member of the Deaf community, and Austin’s newest Net-Zero Hero!

Austin, home to the Texas School for the Deaf since 1857, has…


Lindsay Loftin smiles in a cap and gown. Text reads, "Lindsay Loftin: Sustainability Spotlight."


At the Office of Sustainability, we are regularly inspired by our colleagues' commitment to sustainable practices both in and out of the office and are excited to share their contributions with our broader Austin community. One employee worthy of such a shout-out? Lindsay Loftin, a Parks and Recreation…


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A graphic that reads, "Earth Month Challenge. Complete actions. Support a greener Austin. Win prizes!"

We all have a role to play in helping create a healthy planet. To celebrate all month long, the Office of Sustainability invites you to participate in the Earth Month Challenge.


Susan Ashworth stands in a wooded area. A cat sits near her. Text reads, "Susan Ashworth: Net-Zero Hero."

I’m helping to make Austin Net-Zero by encouraging the use of native plants and flowers.

From bluebonnets to primroses to firewheels, our fields and highways are starting to bloom in color. Central Texas is currently in peak wildflower season, and according to the

A banner that reads, "Celebrate Earth Month with the City of Austin's Office of Sustainability."

Each April 22nd, the world joins in the collective celebration of Earth Day. But at the City of Austin's Office of Sustainability, we believe every day should be Earth Day! From choosing sustainable transportation to supporting our natural spaces, our Earth Month Calendar can help you take daily actions throughout April to celebrate Mother Earth. …

Harvé sits along an herb garden bed smiling. Text reads, "Harvé Franks: Net-Zero Hero.

I’m helping to make Austin Net-Zero by growing food and trees on private and public properties to fight hunger and create a more abundant earth.

The African American community in Austin has a long-standing relationship with the land. Following emancipation in the 1860s, Black farmers created “Freedom Colonies” — self-sufficient communities where infertile land was transformed into circular economies, supplying their communities w…