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Emergency Housing Assistance

Austin is home to many, from folks with deep roots in Austin’s culture to multi-generational families. Austin is uniquely Austin because of the people who live here.

Emergency Rental Assistance

I Belong In Austin provides tenant rental assistance to residents vulnerable to eviction. The Housing Department’s goal is to provide financial assistance with rent, moving, storage, and relocation costs to reduce residential displacement of tenants (to keep people in their homes?) in Austin, preventing individuals and families from experiencing homelessness, and assist households in the case of emergency events (weather, public health, fire, etc).  

Austin Is My Home

Due to the rapid growth of our city, some homeowners may be feeling pressured by aggressive real estate investors and changing neighborhoods. Some homeowners may be feeling financial stress from maintaining their homes. Some may want to stay in Austin but their homes require some upgrades to make it safer to age-in-place.

COVID-19 Housing Assistance Resources

Residents of Austin whose finances have been impacted by COVID-19 may find the following housing resources helpful. Our department has various financial assistance programs including RENT, Mortgage Assistance, and Utility Assistance to help homeowners and renters during the pandemic.