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Homebuyer & Homeowner Resources

Architectural Barrier Removal

Architectural barriers are physical elements of a home that can make it difficult to easily enter, leave or move around your home. Eligible homeowners and renters can receive up to $20,000 for improvements.

GO REPAIR! Grant Program

GO REPAIR! addresses substandard housing conditions to make safe and barrier-free homes for Austinites. Low-income families struggling to make required home repairs may be eligible. Grants are up to $20,000 to fix structural issues for homeowners.

Homebuyer Education & Assistance

Buying a home in Austin? Income eligible first-time homebuyers may qualify for our Down Payment Assistance program. Learn how to complete Homebuyer Education courses to qualify. 

Home Fraud Help

Homeowners can be vulnerable to predatory investors and mortgage fraud. Beware of the red flags when it comes to housing scams. Learn more about Fair Housing, home owner protections and how to take action in the face of housing discrimination. 

Home Rehabilitation Loan Program

The Home Rehabilitation Loan Program helps homeowners finance home repairs to bring homes up to code. Austinites making a low-income and without the funds to make required home repairs may be eligible. The 0% interest repair loans up to $75,000.

Home Repair Programs

The Housing Department has several home repair programs for income-eligible Austinites. These programs help with home repairs and modifications with the goal to help Austinites stay in their homes.

Long-term Affordable Housing

Long-term housing generally refers to home ownership, whether it be individual homes or subdivisions, or multi-unit properties (e.g., duplexes, condominiums, etc.).  Availability of reasonably priced housing can be important to ensuring the affordability in communities citywide. The City of Austin strategically provides resources to help in the construction and preservation of such housing, as outlined below.

Minor Home Repair Grants

Austinites whose homes present health or safety hazards may need financial assistance.  This program helps eligible homeowners to make critical and necessary repairs. Minor Home Repair Grants are up to $5,000 per home.

Plumbing Program

Helping to fix plumbing issues related to public health, safety, and water savings. 

Private Lateral Program

A private sewer lateral line is the portion of the wastewater service line located on your property that connects your house to the City wastewater main. Sometimes these lines break or become defective which can be expensive to fix.