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Fostering a Community Where Everyone Belongs

The Austin Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to creating an environment where individuals of all abilities are embraced, included, and invited to engage in play and recreation together. In alignment with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Inclusion Support Services strives to facilitate this vision by providing necessary modifications to individuals with qualifying disabilities, ensuring their success in Parks and Recreation Programming.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

Austin Parks and Recreation warmly welcomes all participants and remains steadfast in its commitment to ADA compliance. We are dedicated to offering reasonable modifications to support program participation, ensuring that individuals with disabilities have equal access to the enriching experiences our department provides.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Inclusion Support Services.

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How do I request Inclusion support services?


If you plan to register your child or teen for a McBeth camp program you do NOT need to complete the inclusion support services request. If you register your child or teen for McBeth and another PARD location camp you will need to complete the inclusion support services request. To register for McBeth, Alamo or Dottie Jordan adult programs please refer to Therapeutic Recreation Services.

At the City of Austin, we prioritize an individualized approach to Inclusion Support Services. It is important for us to gather individualized information in order to meet the unique needs of each participant.

E-mail Requests:

E-mail Inclusion Support Services directly at, stating the need for an ADA Modification with an attached Participant Waiver for the registered program ensuring that the “Accessibility Accommodation Request” box is marked ‘Yes’. Once a request has been received, Inclusion Support Services will e-mail the following steps for completion:

  1. Sign an Inclusion Support Services Acknowledgement Form
  2. Complete a Family/Child Profile
  3. Schedule an assessment with an Inclusion Support Services Coordinator.

On-site Requests:

Go in person to your local Recreation Center and ask for the “ADA Modification Request” forms. Forms will include:

  1. Participant Waiver ensuring that the “Accessibility Accommodation Request” box is marked ‘Yes’
  2. Inclusion Support Services Acknowledgement Form
  3. Family/Child Profile

It will take approximately 30-45 minutes to fill out the needed forms. Once completed the on-site staff will assist you in e-mailing the documents to Inclusion Support Services at and in scheduling an assessment.

Next Steps:

  1. Attend your scheduled assessment time allowing the Inclusion Support Services Coordinator to meet the participant and assess their level of need.
  2. The Inclusion Support Services Coordinator will write an Individualized Modification Plan and send it to the family for review.
  3. The family will review and suggest edits to the proposed Modification Plan.  When all edits have been made the family will send a signed copy back to Inclusion Support Services (
  4. Start receiving services in accordance with the Modification Plan!

*Inclusion Support Services cannot be put in place until all the information has been received, an assessment has been conducted, and a modification plan has been approved. Please complete the paperwork in a timely manner as the process can take up to two weeks to complete.

**To continue to meet the current needs of all participants, Individuals will need to complete this process annually. This allows us to make sure all our services are up-to-date and accurately reflect participant needs.

How do I request a sign language interpreter?

All Interpreter Request must be made via email to Inclusion Support Services

Interpreter requests should be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the desired date. Any requests received less than 72 hours before the required date may not be accommodated. Additionally, please note that a distinct request is necessary for each event or program. Follow the outlined steps below to initiate the interpreter request process.

Step 1: Send a Written Request to Inclusion Support Services

Your interpreter request email must include the following information:

  • Date or Date Range: including the specific day of the week. Example: every Wednesday from 6/1-7/25 or Tuesday, 3/15/23

  • Time: if the time, Inclusion MUST be notified.

  • Location: include name of recreation center AND physical address of the event

  • Other Clarifying Information:

    • Name of sport or type of event

    • Name of team or coach and their contact number

    • Number of participants needing an interpreter

    • Age of participant(s)

    • Contact person requesting the interpreter and phone number

Step 2: Review Interpreter Confirmation for Accuracy

Once an interpreter has been scheduled, Inclusion Support Services will receive a written confirmation via email from the interpreting agency. This confirmation will be forwarded to the requesting party for verification. It is the responsibility of the requesting party to review the confirmation and check for accuracy of dates, times, and other information. Any inaccuracies should be reported to Inclusion Support Services immediately via email.

Canceling a Request:

If the times, location, or other details change, or the event is canceled, it is the responsibility of the requesting party to notify Inclusion Support Services immediately of these changes. Interpreting agencies require a minimum of 24 hours to cancel an interpreter. Failure to inform Inclusion Support Services on cancellations may result in insufficient funds to provide this service to your participants in the future.

Inclusion Support Services Staff