This program provides intensive case management and rehabilitative services to Frequent Offenders of the Community Court.

Intensive case management is part of Downtown Austin Community Court’s overall rehabilitation mission.  Using data gathered from the Court’s record keeping system, and working with community stakeholders, it was decided that the best use of DACC’s rehabilitation budget was to focus on defendants with the greatest need and having the greatest impact on public systems.   To begin, the Court identified a group of 245 individuals with at least 25 cases and at least one case within the last two years when the study was initiated.

Long-term homelessness, physical and mental health issues, and substance abuse are among the common challenges of the clients of Intensive Case Management.   DACC’s case management staff works to help stabilize clients by offering substance abuse treatment, counseling, assistance with public benefits applications for those eligible, job search assistance, and temporary housing assistance.   The case management staff looks to locate permanent housing for as many of the clients as possible.   Having clients housed is seen as the best alternative to having them cycling through the courts, jail, and hospital emergency rooms at great cost to City of Austin taxpayers.