Technical Criteria Manuals were created to interpret and specify the requirements established in the Land Development Code (Volumes 3 & 4 of the City's Code of Ordinances).

What is the Land Development Rule Posting Process? 

Land Development rules are contained in the Technical Criteria Manuals to implement, administer, enforce, or comply with the City Code. To adopt or amend a rule, the City of Austin land development departments must comply with the Land Development Rule Posting Process. After the proposed rules are reviewed and approved through the Land Development Rule Posting Process, the proposed rules are submitted to the City Clerk's office and continue the process and procedures as set forth in  Section 1-2 of the city code. Official notices of proposed rules, and adoptions, are posted on the City Clerk's website.

If you have questions concerning the Land Development Rule Posting Process or the Technical Criteria Manuals, please contact Christopher Johnson by email or phone: 512-974-2769.


Technical Criteria Manuals

Technical criteria manuals are published rules organized by discipline and include specifications and interpretations for administrative duties that are established under the City Code, ordinances or another law. These manuals are available digitally online at the following links: