The Northwest Recreation Center’s playground improvements will focus on ADA accessibility and the installation of a new accessible play equipment. In addition to the play equipment, the surrounding landscape will also benefit from the new solar lighting, nature playscape, seating blocks, improved site drainage, mulch, and other site amenities such as recycling trash cans and a bench. This project is complete. District 7

Photo of completed playground with shade structure, slides, and climbing elements.

Project Description

The new playground equipment includes a shaded structure, slides, climbing elements, sensory play elements, an interactive panel frame, spinning world map, and seating blocks in a circular shape for small gatherings. This project is complete!

 Northwest recreation center playground renovation area


  • Provide challenging and fun play opportunities for neighborhood children and for participants of the recreation center programs
  • Create spaces for social harmony
  • Improve accessibility for all users
  • Improve site conditions, such as drainage, and provide site amenities


Anticipated Schedule

Please note that as in any construction project, schedules are projected as accurately as possible. All dates are subject to change due to the nature of construction and the weather.

  • Summer 2022: Design and permitting (complete)
  • Winter 2022-2023: Shipment of playground equipment scheduled for March (complete)
  • Spring 2023 through Summer 2023: Construction (complete)

Funding & Resources

This project was funded through 2018 general obligation bonds.


For more information, please contact Leslie Perez, PARD Project Coordinator by E-mail or at 512-974-9473.


Information on this page is subject to change