Active and Adopted Plans

The Planning Department’s mission is to provide equitable, people-centered planning services and shape an Austin where everyone can thrive, through thoughtful, long-range planning and inclusive community engagement. Below is a list of active and adopted plans for the City of Austin that aim to advance these ideals.

Congress Avenue

As the central spine of downtown Austin and the connection between Lady Bird Lake and the Texas State Capitol, Congress Avenue is arguably Austin’s most prominent street. Despite this, the Avenue lacks the vitality and identity of a great people-centric place. The goal of this effort is to develop an urban design and implementation strategy that results in a human-centric, multi-functional complete street with a clear and attractive identity.

Downtown Austin Plan

The Plan's vision for Downtown Austin is that it will become the heart of one of the most sustainable cities in the nation. The Downtown Austin Plan establishes public investment priorities for the next ten years and recommends more than 100 specific actions to achieve the vision.

Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (ETOD)

Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (ETOD) will help ensure that future development near transit corridors supports the overall quality of life as well as equitable outcomes for area residents of all incomes and backgrounds. The City of Austin and CapMetro are working with the community to develop plans for equitable transit-oriented development along key Project Connect corridors and across the system. 

Neighborhood Plans & Resources

Neighborhood planning provides an opportunity for community members to shape the neighborhoods where they live, work or own property, while addressing  land use, zoning, transportation and urban design issues.

Palm District Planning Initiative

The Palm District Planning Initiative will guide future development in the district, linking land use, urban design, transportation, economic development, housing, public spaces, historic preservation, cultural arts, and social equity.

Plans, Regulations, and Special Projects

Temporary listing of all plans, regulations and special projects in the City of Austin.

South Central Water Front

The South Central Waterfront Initiative promotes a vision and a set of recommendations, tools, and programs to guide redevelopment for this area over the next 20 years. The South Central Waterfront encompasses 118 acres, comprised of 32 separate private properties, directly across the lake from downtown. 

North Burnet Gateway

North Burnet/Gateway (NBG) refers to the approximately 2,300 acre area in north Austin. As a way to responsibly control growth within Austin’s urban core, the City of Austin has focused on this area, currently comprised of aging, low-density, and auto-oriented development, by reimagining it as higher density, mixed-use neighborhoods, providing pedestrian access and transit-friendly connections. 

Urban Renewal Plan

The East 11th and 12th Streets Urban Renewal Plan, adopted in 1999, defines specific redevelopment projects and associated regulatory controls intended to assure quality, compatible, mixed-use development along the 11th and 12th Street corridors, east of IH 35. The redevelopment process is guided by the Urban Renewal Agency.