Planning Department

Austin planning department

The Planning Department’s mission is to provide equitable, people-centered planning services and shape an Austin where everyone can thrive.


By collaborating with residents, businesses, and public partners, we seek to develop and implement creative solutions that promote equitable development, environmental stewardship, cultural preservation, and economic prosperity.

Through thoughtful long-range planning and inclusive community engagement, we aim to create a resilient and thriving city for all residents, workers, learners, and visitors alike.

Initiatives and Featured Projects

Transit and EV Supportive Code Amendments

transit and ev supportive code amendments

Learn about proposed land development code amendments that aim to make Austin a more walkable, transit-supportive, and environmentally friendly city.

South Central Waterfront

south central waterfront

The South Central Waterfront Combining District and Density Bonus Program could bring affordable housing, improved streets, parkland, and green infrastructure to Downtown’s emerging southern gateway.

Equity-Based Preservation Plan

ebpp header

The Equity-Based Preservation Plan will replace Austin’s 1981 historic preservation plan with an inclusive, community-oriented process and outcome.

Other Things We Do

  • The goal of the Historic Preservation Office is to protect the important parts of Austin’s past as the city grows into the future. The Planning Department works to identify and manage historic landmarks and districts, preserving Austin's cultural heritage and architectural legacy.
Long Range Planning

The Department develops and puts into action long-term plans and policies to guide the city's growth and development in a sustainable and equitable manner. This includes stewarding the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan, ongoing efforts to update Austin’s Land Development Code, and other efforts aimed at achieving the City’s adopted housing, affordability, mobility, and sustainability goals.


The City Demographer collects, studies, and publishes data about the residents of Austin, including where they live, where they work, how much money they make, and how they get around town. This information provides a snapshot of our population that helps officials and the community make informed decision about how best to plan for our future.