In February 2016, Austin City Council adopted Chapter 2-14 which allows City staff to modify a City of Austin requirement (related to residential property) for a person with a disability and outlines a process for how to request reasonable accommodations.

A person may request a reasonable accommodation when necessary to allow a person with a disability an equal opportunity to use or enjoy a dwelling.

Examples include:

  • An increase in paving on a property to accommodate an elevator.
  • Placement of structures in a setback.
  • An increase in the number of unrelated adults that may reside at the property.

Submit a Request for Reasonable Accomodations form online.

Or download the application in PDF format and fill out and submit to any City of Austin department.

If an accommodation is approved, the applicant or property owner must obtain appropriate building permits or other permissions as normally required.

View Chapter 2-14 to learn more.