Play equipment and portions of the park sidewalk will be closed for construction starting July 10 through Fall 2023. The goal of this project is to provide new playground equipment and surfacing within the existing concrete curbs and sidewalk layout. Improvements will also be made to bring all existing and proposed amenities into ADA compliance. District 10

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Playground is now expected to open on November 17th after delays due to manufacturer delivery errors. Additional nature play amenities and bank stabilization work will be completed while project is delayed.

Final design below includes a new tunnel tube and shade canopy for the 2-5-year-old playscape, overhead climbers for the 5-12-year-old playscape, and new sensory play equipment. Digital rendering may not depict actual color selection or location.

Proposed two to five yeard old play area

Proposedfive to twelve year old play area


Tarrytown Neighborhood Park is located at 2106 Tower Drive, Austin Texas 78703. The park currently includes a 2-5-year-old toddler play area and swing set on the west side of the park, and a 5-12-year-old playground with a swing set, a table tennis area, and a multi-use field located on the east end of the park. The park is divided by Johnson Creek and has numerous mature shade trees.

Tarrytown Park and Bridge

Project Description

Tarrytown Park is a beloved park space for the surrounding neighborhood. The existing manufactured playscapes have been identified by the Parks Department conditions assessment for playscape replacement. The project team inventoried the existing playground features, requested feedback from park users, and developed a plan for the playground replacement that aligns with the neighborhood’s preferences and park standards.

The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) held community engagement meetings to identify neighborhood preferences, assess design alternatives, and review the final concept plan for what play equipment would enhance the park experience.

Photo from Tarrytown community meeting #1

Anticipated Schedule

  • Summer to Fall 2022: Community engagement and initial concept design (complete)
  • Summer 2022: Permit approval, bid solicitation (complete)
  • Winter 2023: Equipment purchase (complete)
  • Summer 2023: Construction start (ongoing)
  • Fall 2023: Construction complete

As in any construction project, schedules are projected as accurately as possible, but all dates are subject to change due to permitting, construction delays, and weather.

Location map of Tarrytown Park

Community Engagement

PARD engaged neighborhood community members, groups, and stakeholders within a ½ mile radius of the park. Yard signs were posted at the park in advance of community meetings and additional outreach was made via social media. 

Community Survey #2: View results (closed September 13)

Community Meeting #2 at Tarrytown Neighborhood Park
Saturday, August 27th, 2022, 10:30 a.m.

Presentation boards and responses from on-site meeting #2:

Community Survey #1: View results (closed on July 17)

Community Meeting #1 at Tarrytown Neighborhood Park
Saturday, June 25th, 2022, 10:30 a.m.

Presentation boards and responses from on-site meeting #1:

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Funding and Resources

The project is funded by the 2018 Prop C Bond for Parks and Recreation and Parkland Dedication Funds.

Contact Information

For questions or more information, please contact James Wheeler, Landscape Architect, by phone at (512) 974-9413 or by email.

Tarrytown Neighborhood Park Playscape