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Code Prescription No. 4 "Investing in Austin's Future"

Austin’s communities are linked by a labyrinth of public infrastructure. This paper examines how the new Land Development Code affects the City of Austin’s fiscal health through the lens of its obligation to build and maintain infrastructure and provide effective and efficient services to its constituents.

Code Prescription No. 3 "Moving Austin toward becoming a more multimodal city"

Transportation plays a central role in the daily lives of Austinites and has implications for how we travel, where and what we build, and where we live, work, shop, and play. This code prescription examines how the Land Development Code can affect transportation to maximize Imagine Austin’s goals for a more livable city.

Code Prescription No. 2 "Developing Complete Communities for all Austinites"

This code prescription discusses the affordability challenges Austinites face in housing and transportation costs as well as commercial space for small businesses, cultural organizations, and venues. As CodeNEXT is focused on revising the land development code, this prescription identifies needed changes to Austin’s Land Development Code that can help promote affordability.

Code Prescription No. 1 "The Next Austin: Manage our growth, keep our character"

The report details strategies to preserve, protect and enhance the City’s natural and built environment. Specific topics include tree protection, open space, responsible use of water resources, water quality and stormwater management, flood mitigation, compatibility and transitions between different types of land uses, design for mobility, redevelopment, greenfield development, and parks and open space.four issues.

CodeNEXT Sound Check Workshop Report

The CodeNEXT Sound Check in November 2015 brought together code-writing professionals and more than 500 Austinites over five days. The event series was a learning exercise for the CodeNEXT team and the public to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of emerging code regulations. This report documents the outcomes of that testing, the lessons we learned, and next steps to produce a better land development code that works for everyone.

Approach Alternatives & Annotated Outlines - September 2014

The Code Approach Alternatives & Annotated Outlines document (click link above to download) describes three approaches for reorganizing and revising Austin’s Land Development Code (LDC). The approaches range from reorganizing the current content of the existing code to rewriting large sections of the LDC. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Community Character Manual - May 2014

The Community Character Manual (CCM) focuses on cataloging and naming the physical elements that make Austin the great place it is.The goal of the CCM is to document the patterns, form, and character of each neighborhood to provide a foundation for good planning and policy decisions within the City of Austin.

Code Diagnosis - May 2014 (Report | Appendix)

The Code Diagnosis focuses on summarizing major issues identified by the public, city staff, and the CodeNEXT team within the existing Land Development Code (LDC).

Listening to the Community Report - April 2014

Listening sessions

Informal Outreach - January 2013

Imagine Austin

This comprehensive plan helps address Austin's most pressing issues and guides how our city transforms in the future. The plan adopted in 2012 was co-created to reflect Austin's values and aspirations.