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Community Climate Ambassadors Program

Climate solutions can improve the quality of life of all Austinites, but climate change impacts don't affect everyone equally. As part of the Austin Climate Equity Plan, the Office of Sustainability is working to reach people who have been systematically left out of, misrepresented in, or ignored during climate change conversations and planning initiatives, including low-income communities and communities of color. That's why we created the Community Climate Ambassadors Program.

Through the six-month paid program, Ambassadors will learn about climate justice, engage their communities, and support the implementation of the Climate Equity Plan. Applications for the 2022-23 Community Climate Ambassadors Program closed on Sunday, June 26.


"I really enjoyed being able to educate people on climate issues with others. From doing my work, I learned that many people don’t realize climate issues impact us in Texas."

— AJ Gamez, 2020-21 Community Climate Ambassador


What will Ambassadors do?

The Community Climate Ambassadors program will be shaped by the interests of the chosen applicants. Participants in the program will:

  • Attend monthly meetings to share experiences, discuss projects, and learn from guest speakers and one another. 
  • Participate in workshops to learn more about equity, climate justice, and civic engagement. 
  • Build relationships and conduct outreach to gather and share information about climate equity issues within their communities.
  • Create Community Action Projects to advance the Climate Equity Plan and climate equity goals in Austin. These Ambassador-led projects may focus on topics such as sustainable buildings, energy use, housing, anti-displacement, transportation, climate resilience, access to nature, and more.


2022-23 Program Details

The program will run for six months beginning in August 2022 and finishing in Spring 2023. Ambassadors will spend about 10 hours each month on program commitments, for a total of 50-60 hours. Financial compensation will be offered to Ambassadors for completing tasks like attending workshops, interviewing community members, and working on Community Action Projects.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact


Meet the 2020-21 Ambassadors

Community Climate Ambassadors Two Community Climate Ambassadors

Left photo, back from left to right: Kiounis Williams, Lourdes Kaman, Lynn Huynh, KB, AJ Gomez, Chelsea Gomez. Front from left to right: Deborah Beresky, Nakyshia Fralin, Sheridan Ray, Andrea Casares, Sayuri Yamanaka, and Celine Rendon (Office of Sustainability Staff) Right photo, from left to right: Taylor Huntley and Dianna Dean

The first Community Climate Ambassador cohort consisted of 12 individuals whose primary role was to engage people in their network in conversations about climate issues and share their findings with City staff. Over six months, the Ambassadors held 35 engagement events, including gatherings, one-on-one interviews, personalized surveys, worksheets, and more. Over 70 people participated in the Ambassadors' events or completed Ambassador-distributed surveys. We analyzed the ambassadors' 50+ interview reports and noted major themes that were integrated into the Climate Equity Plan. 

Read more about the Ambassadors, see quotes, and find out key takeaways from their conversations in our 2020-21 Ambassadors Report (PDF, 26.3 MB; Lea el informe en español).