The Plan's vision for Downtown Austin is that it will become the heart of one of the most sustainable cities in the nation with:

  • A dense and livable pattern of development that supports a vibrant day and nighttime environment.
  • An interconnected pattern of streets, parks, and public spaces that instill a unique sense of place and community.
  • A multi-modal transportation system that is convenient, sustainable, affordable, and a viable alternative to the automobile.
  • A beloved fabric of historic places, buildings, and landscapes that celebrate the unique journey Austin has taken over the past 200 years.
  • A variety of districts and destinations that support the creative expression of Austin's citizenry through art, music, theater, dance, and performance.
  • A green necklace of trails extending from Lady Bird Lake, and along Waller and Shoal Creeks into the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • A wide range of housing choices for individuals and families with diverse social and economic backgrounds.
  • An array of innovative businesses – small and large – that are attracted to Downtown by its rich human capital and unique sense of place. 

The Plan establishes public investment priorities for the next ten years, and recommends more than 100 specific actions to achieve the vision.

Documents for download:

For more information, contact:

Jorge E. Rousselin, Urban Design Division Manager; 512-974-2975