Get Involved!

Do you have experience to share on a food-related issue? Would you like to represent your community in a more engaged way?

The Food Policy Board working groups need community participants to inform policy recommendations for a healthy and equitable local food system. If you’re interested in joining a working group, contact the board liaison for more information.

Working Groups:

  • Support Community Agriculture, contact: Chair Cecilia Hogan — This group develops policies and procedures to help support community agriculture.

  • Build Opportunities for Food Entrepreneurs, contact: Chair Sharon Mays — This group works to ensure a comprehensive and accessible set of codes, ordinances, policies, rules, and incentives throughout Austin and Travis County to stimulate a thriving community-based food system.

  • Healthy Food Access to All Communities, contact: Chair Kacey Hanson — This group uses advocacy and researched-based policy to encourage greater access to healthy food and educational opportunities to support a secure food future for all.

  • Food Recovery,contact: Chair Lisa Barden This group works to help support surplus food recovery and redistribution to communities in need. 

  • Values-Based Food Procurement, contact: Co-Chairs Karen Magid and Errol Schweizer  This group helps advance the Recommendation to Support Values-Based Procurement.

Sign up to receive working group meeting notifications. Please note that working group meeting dates and times are subject to change. Please check with the working group contacts to confirm meeting details.