Priority Program 4:  Use Green Infrastructure to Protect Environmentally Sensitive Areas and Integrate Nature Into the City

A primary goal of this priority program is to manage Austin’s urban and natural ecosystems in a coordinated and sustainable manner in part by increasing protection of environmentally sensitive land, improving tree cover in every neighborhood, improving health of the watershed, increasing access to parks, and linking these resources throughout the city.   This program seeks to improve environmental, recreational, and transportation functions and improve the connection between people and the environment. 

Contributing Departments:

Watershed Protection (Mike Personett - Program Champion); Planning and Zoning, Developement Services; Public Works; Parks and Recreation; Austin Energy; Austin Water; Office of Sustainability; Austin Fire; Office of Real Estate Services; Austin Resource Recovery; Neighborhood Housing and Community Development; Austin Transportation; Building Services; Aviation

For additional information about this priority program, see page 194 of Imagine Austin, or contact the Planning and Development Review Department liaison.

Progress at Year 5

Given the wide range of policies, actions, and priorities related to green infrastructure in the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan, the Green Infrastructure Priority Program was organized into three groups with specific issues that they each tackle: open space acquisition, regulatory policy, and public lands management. There has been considerable progress made in each of these three areas that have moved the Green Infrastructure Priority Program closer to achieving the goals of Imagine Austin.

To read more about this priority program's work over the past five years, check out the Imagine Austin Year 5 Progress

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