Smoking is the leading cause of fatal fires nationwide. Each year, Austin has fire fatalities as a result of careless smoking. Prevent smoking fires by using these precautions and a watchful eye:

  • Prohibit smoking in bed.
  • Always have working smoke alarms in the home. Click here for more information on smoke alarms.
  • Make large ashtrays available. Ashtrays with cigarette holders in the center are safer because if left unattended the cigarette will fall into the tray.
  • Cigarette butts should not be emptied directly into the trash can; cigarettes can smolder for several hours and then burst into flames. It is better to empty the ashtray into the toilet or let it sit overnight.
  • After parties where smoking has been permitted, check all furniture and trash cans to ensure that cigarettes were discarded properly.
  • It's risky to smoke when you've been drinking or when you're drowsy.