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Water Quality Review and Drainage Engineering Review in the Land Use Review Division perform pre-construction review for water quality and drainage regulations for development applications to ensure compliance with the Land Development Code and Criteria Manuals.

The following items are reviewed:

  • The pattern and quantity of stormwater discharge to ensure no adverse flooding impacts. (Land Development Code 25-7-61)
  • The treatment of stormwater for water quality purposes to ensure compliance with Land Development Code 25-8-211.
  • Assurance that stormwater discharge does not cause downstream erosion (Land Development Code 25-7-32).
  • Determination of drainage easement requirements (Land Development Code 25-7-152).
  • Floodplain requirements (Land Development Code 25-7-33 and 25-7-92) (FEMA and City of Austin fully developed 100-yr floodplain).

Any construction, whether site or building, requires a permit before construction begins. Further, for new subdivisions, public infrastructure such as streets and utilities must be accepted before building permits are issued.



The Land Development Information Services staff, previously known as the Development Assistance Center (DAC), can answer questions about drainage and water quality development applications and requirements for commercial, multi-family, or residential properties. 

  • For active or existing flooding issues or concerns, contact 3-1-1.
  • This appointment is not for questions about floodplain regulations, please contact Floodpro@austintexas.gov.
  • For questions about retaining walls, please contact Alan Woo (alan.woo@austintexas.gov).

Expected Appointment Duration: 20 minutes

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