Do you have a drainage easement on your property that you would like released? Contact the Watershed Protection Department with a request for information before submitting an application. It may save you money.

What to know before applying for a drainage easement release

Before you apply for a drainage easement release, please email us at the Watershed Protection Department (WPD) for a courtesy review. We may be able to provide you with information that can help you!

Quick facts about WPD's easement information
  • Requests submitted through this email address are for a courtesy review by Watershed Protection only. Official requests for easement releases and/or license agreements are processed by the Transportation and Public Works Department.
  • We can only review easements from an environmental and stormwater standpoint. We cannot speak for any other department with a vested interest in the easement.  
  • Watershed's courtesy reviews of an easement can take 10 to 15 business days for us to complete the necessary research and internal coordination needed to make an informed recommendation. Thank you!
About easements
  • An easement is a vested interest (property right) in which the city's utility has been granted by a person or entity for a specific limited purpose for the waterline, wastewater, electricity, or many other uses. An easement is on private property and not within the city's public right of way.
  • City of Austin Code Chapter 14-11-Use of Right of Way, Division 2 Release of Public Easement allows a property owner to apply for an easement release. The release may be in full or for a portion of the easement. 
  • Applications for easement release are on the Land Development Engineering webpage.