Electronic and Anonymous Reporting System (EARS)

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This form is to be used by employees of the Austin Fire Department only.   Any non-employee that desires to report a concern is encouraged to contact the Professional Standards Office of AFD at 512-974-0130.
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AFD HR (Brad.Poerner@austintexas.gov)
Fire Chief (FireChiefAustin@austintexas.gov)
HRD ER Tracking (Brendan.rumph@austintexas.gov)
HRD Employee Relations (lisa.larson@austintexas.gov)
PSO (FirePSO@austintexas.gov)
Peer Support (Dana.Dieterich@austintexas.gov)
Staff Psychologist (Ebony.Butler@austintexas.gov)
Staff Psychologist (Marc.Kruse@austintexas.gov)
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Union Office (info@iafflocal975.org)
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Formal Complaint

Choosing this option means that an investigator may need to contact you to take a formal report/statement. Depending on the situation, anonymity may not be possible and/or action regarding your complaint may not be possible.

Talk to others and investigate further
Please provide information regarding who we should contact or other pertinent information for the investigators.
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Choosing this option means your email address will not be provided to those you checked above who should receive a copy of this report. Instead, they will receive notification that you want to receive feedback via a "blind" feedback form. Please provide an email account that does not indicate the owner's information by name. Your anonymity shall be protected to the extent allowed by law.

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