Break up with plastic bags

Woman recycles plastic bag with disgusted look on her face

By: Ashley Pace

Breakups are hard, but deep down you know it’s usually for the best. Especially, when you are breaking up with plastic bags. Many Austinites are in the habit of bringing their own bags to the grocery store, but there are a lot of unexpected ways to get more use out of the dozens of reusable bags you have likely accumulated. So as you say “bye bye bye” to flimsy single-use plastic bags forever, say hello to your new friend with benefits: the reusable bag.   

All the shopping

So you’ve finally gotten into the habit of bringing your reusable bags to the grocery store. YAY! But what about other shopping around town? Bring your own bag to tote around clothes, hair products, to-go orders or convenience store grabs. 

Woman shops for clothing with her reusable bag

Daily grab-n-go items

Use your sturdy reusable bags to carry around your cosmetics, lunch, computer, or gym gear on a daily basis. 

Woman opens the door to the gym, carrying her reusable water bottle and reusable bag

The gift that keeps on giving

Many of the cute gift bags we see at the store are made with glitter, plastic and foil, all of which makes them unrecyclable. There are so many options for reusable totes that you can add to your already excellent gift by giving it in a reusable bag. 

Woman presents a gift to her Boston Terrier in a reusable bag

Fido forever

Dog carriers can be bulky and expensive, but with a great reusable bag, there is no need to purchase anything extra. Just pop your pup in and let them enjoy Austin’s amazing culture with you. 

Woman carries her Boston Terrier in a reusable bag to meet a friend

Pack a picnic

Take advantage of that spur-of-the-moment great weather and eat your lunch outside. Pack a picnic with all your treats and reusable gear and seize the day.   

Woman has a picnic with her Boston Terrier, using her reusable bag

Ending any relationship, especially one as long-term as your relationship with plastic bags can take time and dedication before you cut strings for good. With these tips, you can finally end that toxic relationship and move on to a greener, brighter future with your reusable bags. 

Don't forget to properly recycle the plastic bags you have.