From Distressed to Impressed


By: Bailey Grimmett

Austin Resource Recovery has a variety of programs and services that help Austin reach zero waste. But did you know that it's also home to the City of Austin Brownfields Revitalization Office? In simple terms, this office works to remove contamination from properties that are being redeveloped in Austin. The type of contamination at these properties could be hazardous substances, pollutants or petroleum. Environmental concerns need to be addressed before redevelopment can begin, which is where the brownfields office comes in.

The Austin Brownfields Office was established in 1998 in order to provide site assessment and cleanup services for distressed properties; ones that are contaminated. Throughout the years, they have partnered with community organizations and local governments to return these properties back to the community as greenspace, commercial, residential or mixed-use development. The brownfields office works to bring these properties back to life so that they can be reused in a safe and healthy way by the community and residents. If you're interested in seeing Austin's brownfields sites check out the brownfields project map.