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Building Services
Approved Amount: $ 0
Approved FTE: 0.00
Department Director: Eric Stockton - Officer
Department Website: No Website
Department Phone: 512-974-7948
Performance Measure Information
Name: Percentage of facilities rated as "good" in the Facilities Condition Index
Description: This measurement provides a ratio of BSD managed facility's that rate as "good" on the Facilities Condition Index (FCI) against the total BSD portfolio. Good is having an FCI score of 5% or lower. This Key Performance Indicator aligns with the Council Strategic Outcomes and assists in managing facility performance. These goals and related key indicators will be measured by building and standardized so they can roll up and track Department performance as well.
Type: Result

Current Data - Annually

2022 Target 2022 Actuals
33 No Data

History Data

FY 2017 Actual FY 2018 Actual FY 2019 Actual FY 2020 Actual FY 2021 Actual FY 2021 Target FY 2022 Target
New Meas. New Meas. 21 29 14 25 33