Financial Services


Budget is responsible for monitoring the financial performance for all City departments.

Contact: 512-974-2610 | 301 West Second Street, Third Floor, Austin, TX 78701

Capital Contracting

Capital Contracting's mission is to procure and manage contracts supporting capital project delivery.

Contact: 512-974-7181 | One Texas Center 505 Barton Springs Road, 3rd Floor, Austin, TX 78704

The City Controller

The Controller provides financial information and support to employees and vendors for services provided.

Contact: 512-974-2600 | 124 West Eighth Street, Suite 140, Austin, TX 78701

Public Private Partnership Program

The Public Private Partnership Program is implementing a new facilities acquisition approach to meet the City’s current and future administrative office needs.

Contact: 512-974-7604

Central Procurement

Central Procurement is responsible for managing the procurement of goods and services for the entire City.

Contact: 512-974-2500 | 124 West Eighth Street, Suite 308, Austin, TX 78701

Telecommunications & Regulatory Affairs (TARA)

Telecommunications & Regulatory Affairs (TARA) provides consumer protection, access to information and communications technology resources and infrastructure, and generates revenue to support City services.

Contact: 512-974-2999 | 811 Barton Springs Road, Austin, Texas 78704


Treasury is responsible for managing the City’s cash resources, investments and debt.

Contact: 512-974-7890 |  919 Congress Ave, Suite 1250, Austin, Texas 78701

Unclaimed Property

Every year, various departments of the City of Austin report unclaimed cash and valuables, from un-cashed checks, deposits, refunds, over payments or any other transactions creating a credit balance valued at $100 or less.

Contact: 512-974-7890

Austin Finance Online

The City's Finance Department provides an online resource for all its financial documents and procedures. Visit Austin Finance Online to access these resources.